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Day One

Proportionality and Cost-Shifting in the Real World: Tight Alignment and Defensible Strategies

In discovery, information must be not only relevant, but also proportional. Many courts have examined the proportionality factors set forth in the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, even going so far as to shift the cost from one party to another. Join this panel for a deep dive on proportionality as it is applied in the real world: Hear directly from inside counsel, outside counsel, and practitioners with deep experience in working on matters where Rule 26(c)(1)(B) comes into play. Learn best practices for working with your in-house, law firm, and service provider counterparts to form defensible strategies to make effective proportionality arguments, and drive positive case outcomes for your organization or for your clients.


Managing the Day-to-Day the Smart Way: Legal Metrics 101

It’s a business management truism that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. But it can be a struggle to get a metrics-based legal operations system up, running, and working for you (instead of the other way around). As a legal leader – what should you be tracking, where do you get the data, and how do you get your teams to start caring about the process? Join this presentation to hear from legal operations experts, seasoned project managers, and legal leaders like you discuss the business of running a law department with smart metrics that will keep you informed, ensure you’re focusing your resources on what’s most important to your firm or company, and help you hit your targets.


Secrets of Scalability for Legal Teams: Managing through Economic Ups & Downs

Organizations looking to scale up quickly or downsize efficiently need legal partners well versed in the unique challenges of scaling solutions up or down deftly. In what may be a tumultuous economy for years to come, agile legal teams must be prepared to facilitate businesses going through rapid change in scale effectively. In this session, you’ll learn from those who’ve been in the trenches of scalability – their lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices for success.


Innovations in eDiscovery Managed Services

As the eDiscovery market matures, organizations are undertaking a big shift, from viewing eDiscovery as an overhead cost to a strategic part of their business. Thanks to this shift, more organizations are forging partnerships with solution providers who understand their business and provide high-value technology services. Join this session to hear from several legal leaders who made the decision to switch to eDiscovery managed services - and took very different paths to arrive at the same place. Hear how these innovators are leveraging this innovative business model to drive efficiencies, lever cost savings, pass savings on to clients, and remain competitive in a post-COVID market.


Modernize your Information Governance: Building a Framework for Success

What does it really mean to maximize the value of information while minimizing associated risks and costs? And how can legal teams partner with their organizations or clients to build an information governance framework that really works? Join experts to focus on key insights and practical steps you can take to leverage the power of an effective information governance program.


Focus on APAC: A Look Back at 2020 and What Lies Ahead in 2021 and Beyond

2020 presented a litany of challenges amidst the pandemic for legal practitioners and service providers across the globe — but those based and/or focused on matters in APAC navigated a few additional speed bumps. This impressive panel comprised of top law firm and IP litigation management practitioners based in APAC will walk us through the challenges they faced, the ways in which they and the region as a whole were able to pivot, and some of the trends that emerged which will set the stage for what the legal landscape looks like in APAC this year and beyond. With a specific focus on intellectual property, international arbitration, FCPA and other regulatory inquires/investigations, cross-border investments and international risk analysis, and eDiscovery considerations – this discussion is a “must attend” for all who practice within multinational organizations who currently or possibly in the future have business dealings in APAC.


Tech Tools that Transform: Modernize your Legal Practice

Organizations looking to scale up quickly or downsize efficiently need legal partners well versed in the unique challenges of scaling solutions up or down deftly. In what may be a tumultuous economy for years to come, agile legal teams must be prepared to facilitate businesses going through rapid change in scale effectively. In this session, you’ll learn from those who’ve been in the trenches of scalability – their lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices for success.


Thrive in O365: A Practical Guide for Lawyers

Office 365 is a staple in many law firms and corporations. Join this panel to hear from experts on what you need to know from a security perspective, get an overview of real-world O365 implementations, get your arms around O365’s eDiscovery functionality, and the optional tools that can help lawyers excel in Office 365.


Doing More with Less: Reimagining the Future of the Legal Department

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, in-house legal teams have reported a dramatic 79% increase in workload and a 19% reduction in department staff. From legal operations improvements and careful spend management to the implementation of innovative new workflows and sophisticated technology, innovative teams have found ways to improve legal response times, streamline processes, and free up time for lawyers to focus on high-value work. Join this presentation to hear from professionals who’ve been through right-sizing processes and come out the other end having not just survived – but thrived.


Views from the Bench: A Conversation with the Judiciary

Join this panel for a discussion among practitioners and judges presiding over some of the busiest federal districts and state courts. They'll cover some of hte most pressing issues the legal profession is facing today, including the COVID-19 pandemic's lasting effects on the court systems, evolving thinking on cost-shifting rulings, and host a lively debate on current thinking on eDiscovery and litigation in civil and criminal proceedings.

Day Two

Opening Cyberside Chat: Paul Mankoo & Mark Cohen

We’ve heard a lot in the past 20 years about rapid evolution in legal - but what has really changed since the dawn of this new Millennium? Join this conversation between two leading legal luminaries who’ve been around the block (and around the world) as they debate whether the business of law is really changing, how institutional capital may change the game, and whether digital transformation is worth the hype.


EU & UK Competition Law & Public Interest: Best Practices & New Challenges ahead

The digital age has paved the way to the evolution of competition law standards. Law and economics have become far more integrated than ever before. As result, competition law’s appetite for information has considerably increased and has been underlined in the European Commission’s and the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s recent cases. Whether it is merger control review, a cartel investigation, or market study, a greater weight is placed on the inferences that competition authorities can draw from contemporaneous documents to support their competition law analysis and enforcement. Locating, identifying and searching for the relevant documents has never been more crucial to companies. Yet, the digital age has only made this process more complex and difficult. Each step presents its own sets of challenges. Join this panel to hear from experts how to tackle each step and overcome the challenges that comes with it.


To CC: or Not CC: That’s the In-House Privilege Question

When you're the lawyer for the entire company, is every email you send privileged? Courts take a skeptical view of the attorney-client privilege when asserted by in-house lawyers, and require a heightened showing that the communications with in-house lawyers are not for business purposes, but rather for the single purpose of the lawyer rendering legal advice. What are the latest developments when it comes to in-house attorney-client privilege? Join this session to hear from renowned privilege expert Todd Presnell on the court's view of what's privileged, what's not, and how best to conduct your day-to-day to preserve privilege when necessary.


Ethics Best Practices for General Counsels of the Future

With corporate governance coming under the microscope, in house teams need to ensure they have a handle on their responsibilities to their company and as a leader in the organization. There is a balance between providing advice and mitigating risk. In addition, General Counsel in today's environment must deal with increasing scrutiny from not only the board, but also the media and government.


Strategy Considerations for Global Litigation

As organizations expand into new markets, they may find themselves doing business – and facing litigation – in more than one jurisdiction. Cross-border litigation can be incredibly complex, but organizations competing in the global marketplace should not ignore the global litigation landscape. Join this panel to hear from experts how to create a cohesive, global system for managing multijurisdictional litigation; how to manage multi-disciplinary teams; tips for coordinating across jurisdictions without violating data portability regulations; and strategies to consider to mitigate risks of future litigation.


A Roadmap to Advanced Strategic Legal Operations

The journey to legal operations maturity can be a bumpy one – but with the right roadmap you can navigate your legal team through the twists and turns. Tune into this session to hear how legal leaders like you are optimizing spend across in-house legal functions, from compliance and contracts to litigation and discovery.


Not If, but When: A Data Protection Roadmap for Legal Teams in a Post-Pandemic World

Data breaches are no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when. And risks are heightened in a world where many employees are now working remotely. The practices of cybersecurity & legal ethics may have more in common than you think. With data breaches & cybercrime on the rise, it’s important for you to know what your ethical and legal responsibilities are to your clients, customers, and employees. Join this panel to hear real-world solutions from experts who are working to protect confidential information from viruses, hackers, phishing, ransomware, and other threats – including what to do if a cyberattack is successful.


Reimagining Law: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Legal Profession

The legal profession has a pivotal role to play in the journey to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the working world. Tune into this session to hear how legal trailblazers all over the world are using their roles as policy-makers, contract managers, drivers of organizational change, and more to create true cultures of inclusion at their organizations – and how you can learn from their actions to step into legal’s seat at the table to drive positive change at your organization.

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