Call for Speakers

Are you passionate about new law? If you’re an experienced speaker who can help legal professionals develop strategies and skills to enhance excellence in legal operations, we invite you to submit a proposal. Inspire, entertain, and engage our audience through interactive presentations or workshops providing practical takeaways in a virtual environment.

Creating value: Presentations should focus on helping legal practitioners identify opportunities to drive down costs, increase efficiency, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Discovering legal insights: Presentations should relate to finding relevant data and delivering actionable improvement on legal metrics.

Motivating people power: Presentations should relate to how to structure legal processes effectively to empower and drive strategic legal operations and execution.

Harnessing technology: Presentations should relate to building a legal technology stack that powers cost savings and business growth, and strengthens legal capabilities.

Legility seeks content that:

  • Has a broad interest for legal leaders in corporations as well as law firms
  • Conveys new knowledge or experience about an aspect of legal operations
  • Demonstrates the use of a tool, workflow, or methodology
  • Presents data on the performance or use of a best management practice or technique
  • Draws clear conclusions or evaluations that are actionable for the audience
  • Does NOT have the feeling of a sales pitch

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